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Transforming Your Basement to Useful Spaces

Sometimes when I go down to get some supplies from our basement, I think of the possibilities of transforming it into a space that is actually of more use to us than just pure storage. I have seen ideas that I never thought possible to be utilized from a basement. I'm listing here some spaces you can consider if you are also thinking about transforming your basement:

  • Gym or workout area
  • Why waste time going to the gym when you can workout at the comforts of your own home? If you have equipments lying around the house, gather them together and utilize your basement as a gym or workout area. With proper ventilation plans, the right paint and lighting choices, you might be surprised how you are able to save more by not investing on gym memberships. Having the gym right below your feet also hinders you from saying that you have no time to workout because everything is literally within your reach.

  • Office space
  • There are two factors to consider when choosing an office space: first is the environment or how quiet it is, and second is the space for all the possible paperwork and brainstorming that can happen. The basement is a great candidate in adding an office space because it is private, and will have more than enough space both for storage and as work area.

  • Family hangout den
  • We always want our living room space to be tidy and ready for any visitors that might come without due notice. A family hangout area is a place however where you do not have to think about being seen with feet up and being all relaxed. Try to see if an additional hangout den can fit your basement area and fill it with all the items each family member would find entertaining. It can be your own family secret area.

  • Playroom or entertainment area
  • If you have loads of arcade games, computers and a billiard table, it might be time to have a specific area to place those items. The basement can serve as your adult playroom and give you enough privacy for when you're playing an online game and you do not want to be disturbed. Try decorating the space with trophies and medals you or your brothers have earned and create a vibe that will motivate guests to relax and play.

  • Music room
  • In our household, there's a specific time you can play musical instruments especially drums. This is because it produces too much sound and therefore may bother the neighbors. With the proper insulation however, the basement can be transformed into your own music studio. Just make sure to also insulate the door access and the floor above so you don't disturb the whole house.

    The basement was created by your designers not just to serve as storage space, but as an area that can be transformed into whatever you need or want it to be. Renovation need not be a one time project, it can be a slow process of adding and upgrading whatever you have on hand. A transformation does not need to be expensive because the best renovation is when you are able to maximize the space.


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